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Vio the Violinst

Musical Artist and Composer

Vio began playing violin at an early age and grew to appreciate a variety of different music genres. Vio continues tirelessly working to improve his art and inspire others throughout his music.

Armed with ambition and natural talent, Vio is self taught in both  Hip-Hop and Dubstep music. He pushes through the boundary of what genres violin belongs to.

"Violin is more than a just a classical instrument."

He's been featured on a Ted Talk stage and is working toward branching out his business to spread the joy of his performance far and wide.

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Glimpse of Us

Talking to the Moon - Bruno Mars Violin Cover

Jazz Fusion

Umbrella - Rihanna

“Self Reflection” | Vio the Violinist | TEDxMileHigh

Best Part

Lovely - Billie Eillish & Khalid Violin Cover at Garden of the Gods

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